Beghelli Nova UAC-P 2500W



June 18, 2018

The Nova UAC-P 2500W is a larger emergency lighting power supply than Beghelli’s classic Nova UAC-P. The Nova UAC-P 2500W allows standard lighting to also be used as emergency lighting, and will transfer up to 2500W of true sine wave power in the event of a power failure to support egress lighting for 30 minutes at 2500W, 1500W for 90 minutes or 1000W for 120 minutes.

Just one Nova UAC-P can supply power to an entire store, floor or office when the main power fails. The Nova UAC-P inverter will back up any lighting fixture, which eliminates the need for unattractive traditional emergency lighting units. By using existing lighting fixtures, the Nova UAC-P will reduce maintenance costs and will consume less energy. Because this inverter provides AC power, the DC line voltage drop concern of a battery pack is eliminated. The Nova UAC-P systems are specifically engineered to provide power you need, in the case of an emergency.

The Nova UAC-P 2500W is designed to back up LED, compact fluorescent, fluorescent and incandescent light fixtures. The Nova UAC-P is an IPS system with a fast transfer time of only 10 milliseconds.

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