SGI Lighting LED Flex Lights

SGiLED Flex Lights 400x275

Dec 17, 2018

An ingenious flexible design allows each LED Flex Light to brighten even the most challenging locations. Achieve uniform LED display lighting, discreet LED under cabinet lighting or even accenting for curved edges. For next-level lighting solutions, look no further than SGi’s family of LED Flex Lights. These lights offer an energy efficient solution that is easy to install. Their durable weatherproof design makes them a first choice not only for indoor, but for outdoor and underwater LED applications. In addition, LED Flex Lights stay running in harsh North American winters thanks to a rugged silicone housing. Select from a dazzling array of Kelvin colour temperatures from 2700K to 5000K and anything in between. Use in LED commercial, LED landscape, LED architectural and LED residential lighting applications. the longevity of these lights is matched by their functionality and versatility. They are truly a LED Flex solution.

SGi’s UltraBright Slim LED Flex light offers powerful illumination with the added benefit of a smaller slimmer design. A super-tiny low profile size allows this light squeezes into the smallest spaces. As a result, it fits in almost any application. Achieve LED under cabinet, retail or cove lighting with this tiny and powerful light source. Its compact design is very easy to hide. Consequently, it works equally well as a direct or indirect lighting source. Coordinate with any style and choose from an array of whites available from 2700K to 5000K. Embellish LED Flex with extrusions that provide directional or diffused lighting effects. In addition, achieve spectacular lighting in almost any indoor or outdoor space thanks to an IP67 rating. As a result, they are well-suited as an underwater light and can unite entire lighting scenes across multiple installation platforms.

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