Night Shift Work Boot Lights from Night Tech Gear Shoe Lights

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Apr 23, 2019

Night Shift Shoe Lights is the latest addition to the Night Tech Gear product line, designed to help workers identify potential hazards and reduce workplace falls. Night Shift is worn on shoes or boots and is designed for the rigors of industrial use. They provide hands-free lighting in low-light work environments with 400 lumens of LED lights that deliver 50 feet of forward beam and visibility from all sides to prevent workplace accidents, lost productivity and employer liability.
Nightshift workers make up 20 percent of all U.S. workers, laboring in low-light conditions making them highly susceptible to trip and fall accidents. Night Shift provides hands-free personal safety lighting to keep workers safe, injury-free and productive while they perform mission-critical tasks. Night 

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Shift is OSHA compliant and enhances any work environment, reducing accidents and corporate liability.
Designed for construction, transit, industrial, delivery, mining and countless other industries, Night Shift has no headbands, belts, or straps, and doesn’t get in the way of other equipment leaving the workers hands free to safely do their job. 
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