June 22, 2020

LDS Sylvania natural 400LEDVANCE is launching, on July 2020, SYLVANIA SubstiTUBE PS Natural LED T8 Lamps and SYLVANIA LEDlescent Natural LED T8 Ballast-Free Lamps which offer the best alternative to natural light by mimicking the natural light spectrum, thanks to TruWave Technology. As a result, these LED lamps enhance color contrasts and deliver less intense blue light to reduce eye strain, improve readability and support an improved sleep-wake cycle, all while saving energy.  TruWave Technology delivers exceptional color quality (CRI 90, R9>50, R9-R12≥78) without the loss of efficacy which is typical of most 90+ CRI solutions.  These LED lamps also help bring peace of mind with a shatterproof frosted nano plastic design.