Samba III by Convectair

EIN Samba 3 400

January 6, 2022

There are many different types of heaters to choose from, and each one is usually better suited to a particular living space. The choice is often between a convection heater and a fan-forced heater. In a bathroom, fan-forced heaters are often liked because they heat the room rapidly. With the Samba III, you will benefit from the unobtrusiveness of a convection heater and the practicality of a fan heater.


The heater is in convection mode most of the time but the electronic thermostat with LED display will automatically switch the unit to fan mode when there is a higher heating demand. It is the ideal unit for a wall adjacent to a bedroom because fan noise is very infrequent.

“Boost” mode is always available to provide 2000W of on-demand heating comfort when required.


The Samba III boasts an impact-resistant aluminum cover and can also be installed recessed to leave only 1.625 inches of the unit protruding from the wall. Finally, a white LED night light is also integrated into this convection and forced air unit.

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