Digital Transformer Turns Ratiometer Model 8510

EIN AEMC 8510 400

August 11, 2022

The DTR® Model 8510 is an easy-to-use portable digital transformer turns ratiometer designed for on-site testing of power, potential and current transformers. When connected to a non-energized transformer, the DTR® Model 8510 accurately measures primary to secondary turns ratio, while simultaneously displaying polarity and excitation current.

The DTR® is fully automatic and uses an ANSI/IEEE compliant test method. No user calibration, range selection, hand cranking or tedious balancing is required. At each measurement, the DTR® automatically self-calibrates and checks for open windings/connections/circuit breakers, short circuits (excess excitation current), incorrect test lead placement, and reverse polarity. Measurements are displayed quickly and accurately.

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