Stanpro Easy Out SLG-2L

EIN Stanpro SLG 2L

September 1, 2022

The SLG-2L series for commercial applications features a plastic battery unit designed to provide an economical and versatile solution to emergency lighting needs, all in a compact size. The SLG-2L unit is configured with 6V dc and two LED lamps of 2W each, and offers over 4 hours of run time as a stand-alone unit.

  • 120/347 60 Hz VAC input, field selectable
  • High-efficiency, fast-recovery, precision-controlled charging system
  • Push Button Momentary Test Switch
  • Diagnostic/Driver LED for CA ENABLE and CHARGE
  • Fully automatic current-limited charger: line interlock, low voltage protection
  • Protection against voltage reductions and short circuits
  • Sealed lead acid battery, maintenance free
  • Standardized 20 gauge steel white powder coat finish
  • CSA logo meets C22.2 141-15 standards

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