New from FSR: Smart-Way Wall Raceway

EIN FSR Smart Way Wall Raceway

September 8, 2022

When access to your walls is an issue, the Smart-Way wall raceway allows you to route from the ceiling to the floor raceway. The wall raceway provides a solution for walls that aren’t accessible due to fire rating, brick, concrete columns, exterior walls, or walls with internal blocking. Using FSR’s newly designed edging (SW-TPE-CS) combined with their standard raceway, you’ll now be able to bypass these obstacles by running your cables on top of the wall. SW-TPE-CS raceway edging will be sold in lengths provided for 12 feet of raceway.

This expansion of the Smart-Way floor raceway now provides a cost-effective and easy way to get power, data, and AV down your wall. The wall raceway is intended for offices, conference rooms, collaborative work environments, classrooms, or anywhere access into your walls is restricted.

The wall raceway is available in slate gray or aluminum finishes. It provides an easy and attractive means of installing cables down the wall.


Use the “SW-WT-FC” to transition from a Junction Box to the Smart-Way Wall Raceway


Use the “SW-WT-SWR-SLT” to transition from the Smart-Way Wall Raceway to the Floor Raceway

Smart-Way Raceway:

Continue out to your Floor Raceway devices


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