Hedgehog Technologies Announces the Nimba Microgrid Controller Solution

EIN Nimba 625

October 5, 2022

Burnaby-based electromechanical engineering firm Hedgehog Technologies is announcing the Nimba Microgrid Controller Solution. A new tool to optimize microgrid-powered communities.

Nimba manages your renewable energy resources through peak shaving and demand response events. During a blackout period, Nimba communicates with the battery storage system to ensure the lights stay on. This is a push forward in microgrid technology that extends the life of assets, lowers energy costs, and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

“Some of our earliest projects involved microgrids and now we are witnessing more widespread applications for this technology,” said Dr. Michael Wrinch, founder of Hedgehog Technologies. “Nimba is designed to make energy management accessible for remote communities that are not connected to a main power grid.”

Nimba has alarm handling capabilities to alert users with an email notification during an emergency. The system is interoperable across a variety of renewable energy systems and communications protocols including energy storage converters, PV solar inverters, power meters, and protection relays.

“The value of Nimba extends far beyond innovative solutions, it’s backed by a team of trusted system integration experts with over two decades of experience. We’ll be the ones who advocate for your project from start to finish,” said Erin Martin-Serrano, director of business development at Hedgehog Technologies.

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