Premium Series UPS Backup Power Systems

EIN Legrand UPS Backup Power System

November 1, 2022

Premium Series UPS Backup Systems are the ideal solution for protecting high end and sensitive electronics. Guaranteed by an industry-leading 3-year warranty, Premium Series UPS models feature energy saver circuitry for silent operation that reduces power consumption up to 75%.

  • Line Interactive UPS technology for quiet operation and energy savings
  • Fast 4 millisecond transfer time (1/4 cycle) for no system disruption or lockups
  • Pure Sine Wave technology provides the cleanest power for sensitive devices
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation ensures stable 120VAC output
  • IP addressable models available with bank or individual outlet control
  • Load shedding technology for extended protection of critical items
  • Hot swappable battery for easy service with front panel access
  • Hardwired models available for reliability and to extend protection beyond rack

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