Champion Duct Conduit

January 19, 2023

Champion Duct ® (RTRC) electrical conduit offers dependability through quality design and unmatched versatility. Below ground, concrete encased, underbridge – and almost anywhere in between – Champion Duct delivers a range of benefits over other rigid electrical raceway conduit materials like PVC-coated steel and thin wall EMT conduit pipe, including ease of installation, fire and corrosion resistance, excellent impact resistance and more.

Champion Duct Features

  • The lowest man-hour installation rates for most diameters of electrical duct according to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Manual of Labor Units
  • Lower total installation costs (labor plus material costs) for most diameters
  • Light weight contributes to installation ease, savings and safety
  • Corrosion resistance to many chemicals
  • No burn-through on elbows
  • One of the lowest coefficients of friction of any in-market product
  • Ability to retain its shape after impact or compression
  • Withstands extreme conditions and temperatures
  • Cable fault resistance —fiberglass duct will not melt or weld the wire to the inside of the conduit under fault conditions
  • Extended UL Listed support spacing distances rival rigid steel conduit support spans.

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