Earthtronics10 Watt LED 4-Pin Plug in Full Radial Illumination

EarthTronics 10 Watt LED

Dec 3, 2020

EarthTronics 10-watt LED, LPD10/G24q/840 easily replaces 13-watt G24q-1 base compact fluorescent lamps and provides 33% energy savings. It is physically the same form factor as the CFQ13W/G24q that it replaces. This lamp produces 800 lumens and works directly on the existing instant start electronic ballast. No rewiring necessary. Instant on, no warmup time and a long service life make this lamp an easy choice in many applications.

Available in 5000K and the CRI rating is >80. The unique design illuminates nearly identically to the bulb it replaces and can be used in any rotation or orientation in open fixtures. The 25,000-hour rated life provides 3 times the service life of a typical compact fluorescent lamp. For use only on single lamp ballast. Not for use in enclosed fixtures.


• GE F13DBX850/ECO4P

• Philips PL-C13W/850/4P

• Sylvania CF13DD/E/850

• Any PL lamp utilizing the G24q-1 base, 4-pin

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