Philips’ Beyond Illumination — the Exhibition Moves to Quebec City

Philips’ Beyond Illumination — the Exhibition Moves to Quebec City

November 4, 2016

By Line Goyette

Following presentations in Toronto and Montreal, Philips recently moved “Beyond Illumination,” its October presentation in Quebec City, to Espace 400 at Quai St-André, a glass space offering a view of the city lit up on one side and the port of Quebec on the other.

To celebrate lighting, the location could hardly have been better chosen. The three floors of the building were used for the event. On a crisp fall evening, people came in large numbers to chat, network and enjoy the view.

The guests, comprising clients, architects, landscape architects, engineers, distributors, lighting specialists and designers, also attended presentations. Jean-Claude Lesperance, National Key Account Manager, Vincent Dumais, Director of Sales and Specifications, and finally Daniel Fortin, President of For-Trem, Inc., took the floor to talk about solutions and products presented in the exhibition. All three speakers shared the same theme: lighting has changed, and the future is here.

Philips Beyond Illumination

“We take this event across Canada to show our clients where we are with our products and solutions,” said Vincent Dumais. “It is important for people to understand that we are now immersed in the future, with lighting control systems and mobile solutions, every possibility is the order of the day. This exhibition/meeting is intended to nourish the imagination of people with lighting solutions that already exist. In health care, for example, we no longer illuminate a room with the same light on a 24-hour cycle. We’re working with the circadian rhythm and can simulate natural lighting, thus extending patients’ sleep hours.” 

The purpose of the evening, noted Jean-Claude Lesperance, was not to talk about a specific product, but to stimulate the imagination of those who design or specify urban lighting, and lighting for institutions, businesses and homes. “We must support those responsible for lighting to bring them beyond their comfort zones and review the way we light a space with solutions that adapt to the needs of the occupants or the environment.”

All of these products and solutions were presented on the space’s main floor: lighting control solutions, mobile applications, and colour renderings. A salon using the products in the HUE connected lighting range was also available for viewing.

Line Goyette is Managing Editor of EIN;

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