Ontario Considering Changes to Condo Act in the Hopes of Increasing Electric Vehicle Adoption


January 4, 2017

The Ontario government has unveiled proposed changes to the Condominium Act that would make it easier for condo owners to install electric vehicles chargers in their buildings, a move the province hopes will increase sales of electric vehicles.

The proposed regulatory changes, released on Dec. 1, are a part of the government’s Climate Change Action Plan, which includes an electric and hydrogen vehicle sales target of five per cent of total car sales in 2020 and a commitment to make it easier to install EV charging stations in existing buildings.

The province has released five proposals and said it is considering implementing “one or more” of the changes.

Among the several changes is a requirement that condo boards approve the installation of an EV charging station if the owner meets certain conditions, a move that the president and chief executive of Plug ‘n Drive, a non-profit pushing for accelerated EV adoption, said was encouraging.

Read the full article here: http://leaderpost.com/transportation/ontario-mulling-changes-to-condo-act-in-the-hopes-of-increasing-electric-vehicle-adoption/wcm/76b3d6ba-6477-4bd3-8b2e-86dd390d0c89?_cldee=Y3ZpbGltQGVsZWN0cm9mZWQuY29t&recipientid=contact-1cdabbbeff67e711817ae0071b6a71b1-f6a2cf1e835a4bf78df0488a13002e12&esid=1dcd40a7-60e6-e711-812b-e0071b6a82f1

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