Engineers in Canada and India Will Work Together to Further Energy-Efficient Technology



February 22, 2018

An issue faced by many countries is the need for clean, efficient sources of energy to power their homes, schools, hospitals and businesses. With reliable energy sources comes an improved, more consistent quality of life.


That’s why engineers in Canada and India are working together under a new research partnership agreement between Toronto-based energy consulting company Kinectrics and the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU). The partnership involves a new state-of-the-art laboratory to test and develop conductors that can transfer significantly more electricity to highly populated areas or to industrial hubs than ever before and at lower cost.


Researchers working in this innovative facility will develop practical and cost-effective high-capacity transmission conductors that will improve the long-term quality and reliability of energy sources for the people of India.

Kinectrics and GSFU are each investing $1.75 million. The partnership will create research collaborations between Canadian and Indian scientists as well as training opportunities for Indian students who will be equipped with the skills they need for high-quality jobs in the growing energy sector.—engineers-in-canada-and-india-will-work-together-to-further-energy-efficient-technology-and-create-local-jobs-674494743.html


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