February 20: Webinar — Getting AHJs to Accept Your Industrial Control Panel


Feb 13, 2019
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Join CSA Group for a free webinar on Wednesday, February 20, 2019. Mitch Rushing, CSA Group Technical Account Manager, will help you to understand the applicable standards and ICP product evaluation solutions for ordinary and hazardous locations that help protect safety and security, increase flexibility, efficiency, and predictability, and reduce wasteful expense across your product development, commercialization, production, and in-service lifecycle.

Industrial control panels (ICP) can pose a threat to safety if they are not properly designed, manufactured, and installed. But ICPs are integral to almost every industrial and commercial system available, providing local tie-ins and connections with logic control, safety components, emergency stops, interface to control rooms, and more. They are increasingly complex, especially as new technologies such as fiber optics, and digital and wireless communications are incorporated, adding cybersecurity and functional safety risks that need to be mitigated. ICP manufacturers have many codes and standards to navigate as a result, including various compliance systems around the world as the global marketplace continues to expand.

Your customers depend on you to deliver panels that meet safety requirements and are accepted by Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) – without delay or additional cost. Understanding the codes and standards that you need to meet, as well as the available testing & certification options, are critical to reaping the benefits of the global ICP market.

Register for the webinar here

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