Live Webinar: How Healthy Is Your OT Network?

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June 18, 2019

There is only a few days left to register for the upcoming June 25th Indegy webinar. With an expanding attack surface and new attack vectors, what you thought was once secured in your industrial or critical infrastructure environment is not. New threats have emerged. 

Don’t miss out Ben Abigadol, Indegy’s Product Lead and Michael Rothschild, Indegy’s Senior Director of Product Marketing as they discuss the following in the upcoming webinar “How Healthy Is Your OT Network”, taking place June 25th at 12pm ET:

  • The changing security environment given recent attacks – and the increasing need to address industrial security threats. 
  • The potential complexity in securing your environment given the new reality.
  • Take the OT HealthCheck by Indegy. What it is? How it works? And what you get?
  • Learn where your vulnerabilities may be and what you should consider to address them.
  • Beyond the HealthCheck. How to take the next step.

Go HERE to register

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