simPRO Adds an Innovative Service Feature to its Next Generation Mobile App to Enhance and Simplify Operations in the Field

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July 17, 2019

simPRO, a field service management software company, has enhanced the simPRO mobile app to include a Service Module designed to maximize job visibility and efficiency for technicians working in the field.

The new Service Module seamlessly integrates with other simPRO Mobile modules for a simplified workflow and intuitive field mobility. simPRO Mobile users will now be able to work both online and offline, access full site work history and scheduling information, and perform several other field and operational tasks with ease.

“The functionality of simPRO Mobile is greatly improved with the help of ten years of feedback on our previous mobile product,” says Jonathan Eastgate, Chief Technology Officer. “simPRO Mobile is easier to navigate and more intuitive and user-friendly. Now, you can spend less time on the app and more time completing work.”

The new Service Module allows field technicians to increase efficiency with updates and notes automatically synced in the background and the ability to work offline. Additionally, technicians can benefit from enhanced job visibility with details such as full site work history, scheduling information, site contact info, details on all technicians working a job, and other important information readily available.

With the Service Module’s innovative features, the workflow is seamlessly integrated between office software and simPRO Mobile. Office staff can receive real-time access to notes and attachments from the field the minute data is captured and entered in the app. This expedites workflows for accurate billing, inventory management, and ongoing customer service.

From the initial point of contact with the customer to the final invoice, features such as full timesheet module functionality, voice recording, and workflow triggers allow office and field staff to manage operations without duplicated efforts or manual delays.

“We created the Service Module so that the service functions of simPRO will work seamlessly with the Quote and Sales and Timesheet modules in simPRO Mobile,” says Jonathan.

In regards to customer service, simPRO users can enhance the customer experience with automated SMS notifications triggered by status changes, job cards sent via email as soon as work is complete, and by providing a full job summary on the signature page.

The Service Module for simPRO Mobile provides complete workflow performance in the field for enhanced customer service. With live schedule updates and in-depth details for the customer, job, history, attachments, parts and supporting staff, field technicians have everything they need to work smarter and faster.

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