EFC 2019 Industry Recognition Award Recipient: Murray Chamney, Intralec Electrical Products

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July 19, 2019

This year’s EFC 2019 Industry Recognition Award recipient is Murray Chamney from Intralec. This is EFC’s longest-standing award, presented annually, to an individual who has influenced the Canadian electrical industry, either as a current or retired industry delegate, or as an industry supporter. Award recipients demonstrate strong leadership through their personal and professional industry involvement and symbolize dedication, balance, and achievement in regional, national and/or community activities.

Murray Chamney’s journey began with a little persuasion from his father to take business as opposed to chemical engineering. Taking his father’s advice would then benefit Murray when he joined the family business at Intralec. He started as a shipper in 1979 and worked his way into an entry level front office position. There, he would apply his education and gain the experience that would shape his tall journey of achievements.

Since then, Murray, has been no stranger to the industry or to EFC. His leadership with CEMRA, NAC, EFC Board and various committees has been invaluable to shaping the success of the industry. We thank Murray for his lifelong contributions to the Canadian electrical community.

From the home office on his Silver Fox Farm near Orangeville, Ontario, we asked Murray what the win means to him. He stated, “an award won for the first time by a manufacturers’ rep. It was a chance for all CEMRA members to be recognized. I am just the face – there is lots of background work done by the members. I’m delighted to share this opportunity with supportive partners who shared the same vision.”

Nominating a company or individual for their hard work and successful accomplishments builds our community to grow, lead and compete in an ever-changing world. Recognition can breed success.

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