Rittal: Conversion Aid for Compact Enclosures AX and Small Enclosures KX

EIN Ritttal AXKA 400

Dec 5, 2019

The new AX compact enclosure and KX small enclosure ranges offer a solution for any need. 30 percent less assembly time, 30 percent more space for cables and 30 new features – these are the main advantages of the new range.

Simple translation of parts lists

To make it as easy as possible for its customers to switch to the new small and compact enclosures, Rittal offers various support options. For example, a conversion tool is available online (www.rittal.de/ct-axkx), which is based on parts lists in Excel. The user can upload an existing parts list – for example from an existing project – to the website and receives a correspondingly translated parts list with the new AX or KX components.

For users who use EPLAN Data Portal for their projects, there is another convenient option that uses the new shopping cart function of EPLAN data portal. They can upload a complete project parts list to the shopping cart of the Data Portal. All Rittal components including the relevant macros for the new enclosures and compact enclosures are then available in their parts database. This saves users a lot of time compared to individual downloads.

Migration tool in Rittal Configuration System

Customers who configure their compact and small enclosures with the Rittal Configuration System also have a convenient conversion tool at their disposal. It works on the basis of electronically stored sets of rules. A plausibility check prevents incorrect or unsuitable parts from being displayed.

Further machining operations – such as cut-outs for fans-and-filter units – are also created directly in the Rittal Configuration System. Users that have already configured projects in this way can simply upload the existing configuration to the new migration tool. Once the tool is launched, a traffic light system provides a quick overview: Green means that all necessary components have been transferred to the new configuration. A yellow symbol indicates that the user should check the configuration. For example, cut-outs that used to be in the middle of the door could be slightly displaced due to other dimensions. Red means that the plausibility check of the Rittal Configuration System has spotted problems, i.e. instances where components have been put at odds with each other. In just a few clicks, users can correct and/or add to the configuration. This then results in a 3D model of the new AX compact enclosure or KX small enclosure as well as a parts list and the processing programmes for the mechanical machining centres for download.

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