Ontario Investing in Upskill for Automotive and Manufacturing Sector

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Dec 11, 2019

Ontario is supporting the province’s automotive and advanced manufacturing industries by investing $3 million in training to help workers upskill to ensure they keep pace with innovations in those sectors. 

The province’s new RapidSkills pilot will provide high-quality, short-duration training. It is designed to help laid-off, at-risk, and underutilized workers quickly gain in-demand skills.

The government issued a call for proposals to organizations interested in developing and delivering this training. Funding will support a diverse range of training projects that address the needs of workers and the auto and advanced manufacturing industries, by equipping participants with in-demand skills that are recognized by industry. To learn what types of organizations are eligible for support and to apply, visit RapidSkills 2019-20.

Organizations that apply to develop and deliver training through the RapidSkills call for proposals will be selected in winter 2020. More information about how individuals can participate in the training will be shared at that time.

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