EFC’s CEMRA Manufacturing Group (CMG) Committee Returns: Call for Participation

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Dec 20, 2019

EFC, in conjunction with CEMRA, is pleased to announce the return of the CEMRA Manufacturing Group (CMG) committee.

The objectives of the CMG are:

  • Provide an opportunity for the exchange of information through discussion, study and research designed to promote positive interactions between manufacturers and independent representatives.
  • Promote and improve the mutual effectiveness of the manufacturer and rep relationship.

There has also been a new synergy created with the NEMRA Manufacturing Group (NMG) Committee in the U.S. with the current chair of CMG attending several recent NMG meetings. This has provided the ability to share discussion and research efforts into topics such as POS/POT and  “Rep of the Future” survey as examples.

In addition to the Committee meetings, the CMG will establish open meetings and/or webinars (as we have in the past) where we can share and discuss various topics and develop best practices.

They are looking to establish a diverse committee based on company size and products that have a history of supporting the independent representative sales model.

Members who are interested in joining this committee are asked to contact Nathalie Lajoie at nlajoie@electrofed.com or Tony DeCicco at tdecicco@intermatic.com by January 24, 2020 as the NEMRA/CEMRA meetings will take place at the end of January.


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