Electrical Safety Authority and Korea Electrical Safety Corporation Expand Cooperation to Promote Electrical Safety

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Dec 23, 2019

The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and Korea Electrical Safety Corporation (KESCO) signed a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to strengthen cooperation in the area of electrical safety.

The MOU will help establish a framework to encourage collaboration in the areas of electrical safety systems that will benefit safety efforts in both countries. ESA and KESCO will share information and participate in training opportunities and seminars, to help identify and reduce the leading causes of electrical safety risk.

ESA and KESCO will work together to improve electrical safety in several areas including:

  • Exchange of electrical safety Acts, regulations, policies and standards,
  • Exchange of information regarding electrical accident statistics, technical developments and training, including new technologies such as renewable energy and energy storage,
  • Reciprocal visits of experts for technical cooperation,
  • Consulting on electrical safety inspection methodology, such as ESA’s new risk based oversight program,
  • Participating in training and seminars, such as continuing education programs and technical training for internal and external audiences.

“ESA’s priority is to promote electrical safety in Ontario. We are dedicated to delivering modernized, better and faster customer services, and reducing the burden on businesses,” says David Collie, President and CEO, Electrical Safety Authority. “Cooperating with other leading experts in the field of electrical safety, like KESCO, broadens our knowledge and brings a different perspective. We are pleased to participate in opportunities to promote shared knowledge and best practices to help reduce electrical-related harms and encourage electrical safety.”

“Electricity today is one of the most essential sources of energy for humanity and civilization, however, as we face rapid industrial development and environmental changes, electricity is also subject to great changes,” says Sung Wan Cho, President and CEO of Korea Electrical Safety Corporation. “Close collaboration with professional organizations in the field of electrical safety management, like ESA, is crucial to accomplish such feat, and it is the precious opportunities to learn and share the technical knowledge and know-how of electrical safety management to greatly improve the electrical safety of the entire world.”


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