Oct 23, 2020

EIN BCEA Spark 400BCEA's next Professional Development series will be on 2018 Updates & 2021 Code Changes with Ted Gilbert. Ted Gilbert is a well-known industry expert and a certified Master Electrician with over 30 years as an electrical contractor, electrician, code change instructor and Safety Officer with Technical Safety BC. He is a Senior Instructor with SparkBC Technical Training and currently teaches code change courses across BC.

Ted’s presentation will focus on the new or revised Rules pertaining to safety of personnel and protection of electrical equipment. These Rule changes are found in the BC Electrical Code in Sections 2,4,8,10,12,16,26 and 78.

This session is free to BCEA members thanks to our event sponsor SparkBC.

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Upcoming sessions include:
Construction Forecast — January 21, 2021

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