BCEA Partners with Principia Assessments Ltd. on their Diversity and Inclusion Project

EIN 10 CS BCEA 400

Nov 19, 2020

As previously announced, the BCEA’s project will focus on building diversity and inclusion into the electrical industry. This project will support the BCEA to work with its members in developing inclusive workplaces and addressing barriers for racialized communities in accessing and retaining employment in the electrical industry. BCEA will strive to increase awareness and understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion, racism, and related topics; and promote and engage meaningful discussion on these topics.

There are three primary components to this project including initial assessments, a speaker series, and post-program assessment and recommendations. While some of the background work will start this month, electrical industry stakeholders can expect to start taking part in this project in January 2021.

To deliver this project, BCEA is partnering with Principia Assessments Ltd., a social enterprise that specializes in tackling complex challenges in professional competence using an assessment-based approach.

Additional Information: Contact BCEA’s President & CEO, Barbette Igonia, CAE, at barbette@bcea.bc.ca or visit www.bcea.bc.ca.


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