CanREA supports Nova Scotia energy storage proposal

March 24, 2023

Proposed amendments to the Electricity Act would open the door for energy-storage solutions and accelerate the use of battery storage in the province. 

Ottawa, March 22, 2023—The Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CanREA) applauds the Government of Nova Scotia for presenting amendments to the Electricity Act, announced today, that would allow the Department of Natural Resources and Renewables to issue RFPs (requests for proposals) for energy-storage solutions, such as utility-scale batteries.

“CanREA has long advocated for the deployment of energy storage in Nova Scotia to help achieve the province’s net-zero targets,” said Jean Habel, CanREA’s Director for Atlantic Canada.  

“Energy-storage technologies will be key for the future energy mix in Nova Scotia, as they will contribute to reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and help achieve a net-zero economy.”  

As described in CanREA’s whitepaper, “Laying the Foundation: Six priorities for supporting the decarbonization of Canada’s electricity grid with energy storage,” energy storage provides key flexibility services, supports electricity system reliability, and can be part of a solid foundation to expand and decarbonize the electricity grid. 

“I am pleased to see the positive steps Nova Scotia is taking toward enacting policies that will attract renewable energy investment to Canada,” said Habel. This move will encourage innovation and the early adoption of battery technology in the province and bolster the energy-storage sector, creating job opportunities for Nova Scotians.”  

CanREA members will look forward to the new opportunities that this legislative change will bring to the renewable energy and energy storage industries in Nova Scotia. 


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