Sinopé Technologies Partners with B.C. Hydro to help Residents Alleviate Energy Demand with Smart Devices Tied to the Grid

January 24, 2024

Following a report from the Electric Reliability Corporation, Canadian tech manufacturer Sinopé Technologies reminds the importance of smart devices for a more resilient grid and how technology enables users to do their part to alleviate energy demand.

”Sinopé smart devices can reduce energy consumption and tie in with peak events to reduce demand when the network needs it to avoid brownouts, blackouts and costly energy importation. Nowadays, with all the power utilities’ subsidies, demand-response rewards programs and energy savings available to consumers, there is no reason for homeowners not to do their part, too”, states Maxime Labonté, Chief Commercial Officer at Sinopé Technologies.

BC Hydro’s smart devices rebate program is now available until February 20th, 2024. This program provides an instant rebate of up to $33.33 on each eligible thermostat for electric and floor heating, to which Sinopé Technologies provides an additional 10% off.

Benefitting from Peak Rewards is now easier than ever

BC Hydro clients who subscribe their Sinopé smart devices to the Peak Rewards Program can receive up to $100 annually. Subscribing to this program is now easier than ever thanks to a new checkout option available on Sinopé Technologies’ online store1 that allows clients to purchase pre-enrolled devices. As a result, consumers only have to purchase, install and connect their smart devices to the app. No further steps are required to benefit from the yearly reward provided by BC Hydro.

Peak events may take place from November 1st to March 31st. For more details on BC Hydro’s Peak Rewards program, click here.

Using Sinopé smart devices, homeowners can easily assess their level of participation in peak events to alleviate the grid and help its resilience while being rewarded for it. In addition, smart features found in the devices allow for reducing energy consumption and use of what is needed, thus reducing energy wasted.

Canadian utilities subsidizing Sinopé smart devices

Hydro One Ontario, Efficiency Nova Scotia and Take Charge Newfoundland-and-Labrador also give instant or mail-in rebates of $25, $45 and $10 per Sinopé smart thermostat. In the heating season 2023-2024, Sinopé smart devices were subsidized by 26 power utilities in North America.


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