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November 14, 2016 

Contractors value their tools. They allow them to do their job and make life easier on a daily basis. Marketing tools should be valued just as highly. They have the ability to generate consistent leads and sales. You won’t have any work to do with your toolbox if you don’t utilize the marketing tools at your disposal to bring in new business.


Your website is the hub of your business online. It should contain contact information, your business history, business location and service areas covered, photos and videos, as well as reviews of your business. The best websites will also be connected to social media platforms and have blogs full of good content.

All of your marketing work should focus on getting people to your website. Make sure you have your website listed on all social media platforms and review websites. Also check to make sure you have your phone number and email on every page of your website.


Facebook is a terrific B2C tool to get your brand in front of potential customers. There is also a B2B aspect to Facebook as well, but marketing to customers is the best way to use Facebook.

Your Facebook should have a complete profile and biography, complete with all contact information. Your posting should be directing people back to your website and your own content


Twitter is a terrific B2B tool to get your brand involved in the industry conversation. It also has a B2C aspect, as Twitter acts as a great news source for millions of individuals as well.

Make sure to connect with your employees, partners and network on LinkedIn as posts tend to do very well. Typically B2B marketing works best on LinkedIn, but there definitely is a B2C aspect with all the individuals on LinkedIn.

Google, Bing and Yahoo

These search engines are critical tools that often get overlooked. Google Maps is essential to have for any business. This is also a great place to get reviews as the first thing many people will see when “googling” your business.

Once you have set up your business with Google Maps, you can use Google Analytics (free software) to track traffic to your own website. Google will also help bring you website views amd business based on the keywords in your own website.

Yelp, Houzz and Angie’s List

Review websites are a must in this digital age. Potential customers want to hear honest reviews from past customers. Make sure to have accounts on as many review websites as possible. Also ask your customers to post about their experiences on these review websites. A positive review could be the difference in you landing a big new account or missing out to your competition.

Social proof is a very important tool in persuasion. Make sure you aren’t missing out. Each job well done can help you produce more jobs in the future with a simple positive review from your customer.

Want even more contractor marketing advice? Watch for “How to Set Up a Twitter Profile for Your Business,” in an upcoming issue.

This article was first published as a blog by CapitalTristate, an electrical distributor in the U.S. Mid Atlantic.


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