DX3 Enterprises Ltd. — Off-Grid Solar Lighting Solutions

November 28, 2016 

DX3 is an Alberta-based, Canadian-owned manufacturer of commercial electrical equipment. Specializing in outdoor solar light, DX3 provides “light anywhere, anytime.” All of the firm’s products can be installed without any utility grid connections, and it provides solutions for commercial and municipal users where existing lighting poles and infrastructure are not in place.

Their client base is diverse and includes municipal districts, oil and gas companies, mining, utilities, golf courses, and industrial facilities.

Product applications include more remote locations due the absence of grid power. All products are designed and assembled in Canada and designed to work well for all climates, including cold weather reaching anywhere up to -40 degrees C. For example, the Sub Arctic Solar Street Light is used in locations such as Round Hill, Camrose County, Alberta — a county known for record snow falls and extreme temperatures.

One of their featured products is the DX3-3001 Solar LED Street Light, which requires no external enclosures. The lighthead contains the battery, an ambient light sensor, LED solar array, and intelligent hybrid driver board. Other features include:

  • effectiveness in temperatures from -40C to +70C
  • 3000 lumens of effective light
  • dark sky compliant high efficiency LED array
  • Oover 3 days of autonomous operation
  • dusk to dawn operation
  • type II luminaire (lighthead)

DX3 Solar Powered street lights need less than 60 Watts to achieve the same lighting output effect as 200W, making them extremely efficient, and reliable. They are all powered by an internal battery and charging system that is self-sustaining, and they are a standalone design, meaning no trenching, pulling or live grid-connected testing.

Mission statement

“DX3 Enterprises Ltd.’s mission is to provide superior products and services that exceed our customer expectations. Customers can count on DX3 Enterprises Ltd. for quality, on-time delivery and consistent service. DX3 Enterprises Ltd. will accomplish these tasks in a safe and environmentally sound manner by properly planning and utilizing its resources to their full capabilities.”

Learn more about DX3 Solar Lighting here: http://dx3solarlighting.com/.                                                        


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