Siemens’ Cloud Solution for Fire Safety

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November 9, 2021

By Alyssa Kerslake

Siemens’ Cloud Apps portfolio includes a collection of Apps that use the Cloud to connect to Siemens fire alarm systems, taking the digitalization of fire safety to the next level. The Cloud Apps include the Portal, the Tunnel, and the Test App. They are designed to increase service efficiency for service providers and facility managers/building owners. Siemens’ Cloud solutions aids service providers in digitizing their services and improves the business continuity of their customers, resulting in cost savings and reducing travel and times through remotely viewing and monitoring their fire systems. It works by connecting existing customer sites with Siemens’ cloud gateway.

With the tools, service providers are empowered to plan and perform service and maintenance works in a targeted manner, improve customer satisfaction, optimize resource utilization,

discover new digital business opportunities, respond faster and more intelligently to service requests, reduce travel time, and arrive on-site with the proper equipment and offering. The end customers, on the other hand, benefitted from transparency of what’s happening on-site, 24/7 instant notifications and details about the site’s status through the Portal access, email, and text notification and enhanced uptime and business continuity via faster issue resolution and more efficient maintenance activities.

To learn more about the technology involved in Siemens’ Cloud Apps, we spoke with Jeffry Tondang, Product Manager at Siemens Canada.

“Siemens’ Cloud Apps enables service providers to have an easy overview and access to their customers’ fire safety sites. With the Portal, for example, the service providers have all their connected fire protection system sites in one view. There is no immediate need to drive to the location when a site reports issue(s). Service providers can see the status of the site and get more details by clicking on the site of interest through an encrypted connection, ensuring the safety of customers’ data.”

“The Tunnel allows secure and safe connection to the Cloud-connected fire control panel. It allows service providers to fix some of the customer issues without having to be on-site. Technicians can remotely access the configuration file of the fire control panel for configuration changes and trouble shootings. This means some maintenance activities can be performed in a time- and cost-efficient manner.”

“With the Test App, the service providers’ cloud-enabled smartphones can be utilized to increase their periodic maintenance and testing efficiency. Service technicians will receive the control unit feedback on tested field devices (ID’s and signal types), in real time. They can also quickly check the events currently present on site via live status view (i.e.: verify whether the system is up and running or quick diagnosis in case of troubles). Ultimately, the Cloud Apps improve efficiency and productivity while reducing maintenance costs and time. That’s why we are so excited to introduce the cloud solution into the Canadian market.”

Watch this video to learn how connectivity happens: 




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