Luminis TORX TR2450 Luminaire

Luminis TORX

Torx TR2450 is a decorative and functional ceiling pendant luminaire with a frosted acrylic refractor for a general illumination. Torx is part of the LED pendant collection available in four distinct groups of luminaries – Aramis, Prisma, Kronos and Torx. This extensive collection offers a wide range of choice in design and performance.


Available in various intensities, Luminis LED pendants are offered in a range of wattages from 12W to 136W and delivering 1000 to over 13,000 lumens.




  • Standard 4000K color temperature. Also, available in 3000K and 5000K
  • CRI of 80 (standard)
  • Optional 97 CRI for critical color rendering
  • Standard wide distribution for maximized spacing ratio and uniformity
  • Optional narrow beam for accent lighting

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