SPAR Power Technologies Varitrol 600

Varitrol 600

January 1, 2018

SPAR Technologies Inc has introduced their next generation variable frequency drives Varitrol 600. Varitrol is available for low and medium voltage applications for power up to 6MW.

Varitrol  uses multi processor state of the art technology with following incomparable features.

1. Integrated Machine Monitoring System (US Patent pending File No. 62/532,113):
i) monitors motor winding and bearing temperatures via embedded RTDs in the motor windings and in the bearings continuously and provide motor protection in real time.
ii) monitors and perform vibration analysis in three dimensions and provide real time protection of the motor and the mechanical system.

2. Active front end (AFE) with Harmonic injection, that eliminates the use of multi-pulse diode bridge and expensive transformer and input filters.
3. Multilevel inverter that eliminates the restriction on the motor cable length and the use of dv/dt filters.
4. Due to the absence of the tuned harmonic filters at the input and dv/dt filters at the output, drive efficiency is higher than conventional two level VFDs with the filters.
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