Lumca LU-WP


January 17, 2018

The Lumca LU-WP is an uplight LED with type III distribution for wall wash applications with a 16W consumption and is suitable for wet locations.

CONSTRUCTION : All construction is in aluminium alloy. Extruded aluminium parts are made of 6061-T6 alloy. Cast aluminium parts are made of 356 alloy. All hardware is in stainless steel.

ELECTRICAL COMPONENTS : High power factor constant current electronic LED driver IP67 rated featuring a -35°C [-31°F] to 70°C [158°F] operating capacity and a power factor exceeding 90%. Rated by UL class 2 operation. Line voltage available is 120 to 277. For other voltages consult factory.

FINISH : All metallic parts are pre-treated using an environmentally friendly organic phosphating technology (PLAFORIZATION) before a polyester powder coating is electrostatically applied. The nish is of 100 microns minimal thickness and meets the ASTM B117 regulation related to salt spray and the ASTM D2247 regulation related to the resistance of the nishes exposed to a 100% relative humidity.

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