Vintage with an Abundance of Charm

GE Vantage

June 5, 2019

Consumers have fallen in love with vintage bulbs – Edison-era inspired bulbs with exposed filaments and a warm, candlelight glow. This retro look gained traction in restaurants and hotels over the last few years and migrated to homes with the rise in clear glass fixtures and open lighting fixtures. GE Lighting responded with 30 new vintage LED bulbs last year, including options featuring an eye-catching spiral LED filament, clear or golden amber glass, and shapes and sizes for most every socket of the home. All also offer the great energy-saving benefits of LED.

Dramatic Focal Points 
Based on the overwhelming response, GE is extending its vintage portfolio this year with new oversized-vintage bulbs, great for creating a dramatic focal point as pendants or within table or floor lamps—simply leave off the lamp shade to highlight the refined vintage style. Consumers can pair the bulbs with existing fixtures or lamps or also purchase easy-to-install GE Lighting pendant kits in a variety of popular finishes, including Black, Gun Metal, Satin Nickel and Soft Gold.

Unique Filaments, Shapes, Glass 
The oversized-vintage bulbs are available in multiple shapes and unique filament styles, including a weave filament only offered by GE. The bulbs are available in clear glass (2200 Kelvin), warm amber glass (2000 Kelvin), and a smoke glass (5000 Kelvin).The amber colored bulbs offer a warm, candlelight glow. GE’s smoke glass bulbs are on trend with grey tones in today’s contemporary home décor schemes. They emit a cooler, less yellow light than traditional vintage solutions for a Daylight glow. GE’s amber colored bulbs offer a warm, candlelight glow.

All options are available in wattage equivalents of 25-40 watts.

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