Gain Ultimate Control with the Audacy Wireless Control System

EIN CS 28 Audacy WirelessApp 400

July 3, 2019

Audacy Lighting Controls is the easy-to-program mobile app developed to operate your Audacy Lighting Control system. The app works in tandem with the intuitive Audacy web Interface and allows you to configure and schedule lighting in your space. 

Customizable and proprietary to your operation, it’s easy to program and adjust. Intuitively organized around a framework of basic categories and simple inputs, Audacy Lighting Controls enables management of every component installed as part of an overall system. Together, these components ensure 24/7 custom control of your lighting environment. 

Upload all your devices to the Audacy Interface via your mobile app during installation, and instantly begin establishing settings for your system. The Audacy Interface alerts your system with your settings and schedules to achieve the desired lighting throughout your facility. 

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