Continuous Flexing Control Cable and Profibus-DP Cable from AutomationDirect

PB 27 Automation FlexingControlCable 400

Oct 9, 2019

AutomationDirect now offers continuous flexing control cables and continuous flexing Profibus-DP cables that are designed to be exposed to constant flexing during operation and to withstand millions of flex cycles. These cables are available cut-to-length in one-foot increments with a 20-foot minimum length.

igus CF130US and CF140US series tray rated control cables are specifically designed, tested, and manufactured for use in both continuous flexing and fixed tray applications. Starting at $1.16 per foot, the tray rated cable is available shielded or unshielded in wire sizes from 18 to 12 AWG with 4 to 25 conductors including ground. The pressure-extruded PVC outer jacket is sunlight, oil and flame resistant.

CFBUS series continuous flexing Profibus cable from igus is designed for constantly moving applications. Available in 24 AWG twisted pair, the individual conductors are bare copper and stranded for flexing applications. Conductor insulation is a high-quality red and green TPE mixture. The cable’s outer jacket is a pressure extruded purple PVC mixture that is resistant to sunlight, oil penetration, and is flame retardant. Profibus cable starts at $1.46 / ft.

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