Arlington STEEL T-BOX for Suspended Ceiling Grids

EIN Arlington t box 400

Dec 10, 2019

Arlington’s economical, UL Listed STEEL T-Box (FBS428SC) is the cost-effective way to mount fans, fixtures, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, exit signs and emergency lighting – up to 70 lbs – on a suspended ceiling grid.

You can position T-Box on the ceiling grid at the T-rail cross or on a straightaway, so YOU decide where to position the equipment.

To install, cut around the ceiling tile and lower the box onto the ceiling grid. For use on premium/reveal edge ceiling tiles, box height is adjustable.

• 30.5 cu inch box

• Fan/Fixture rated up to 70 lbs

• Meets 2017 NEC, section 314.27 for fan and fixture boxes

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