Klein Tools Introduces Tone & Probe Test and Trace Kit

March 10, 2020

Klein Tools has recently introduced the VDV500-705 Tone & Probe Test and Trace Kit, designed to give users an opening price point solution for simple toning and tracing as well as wire map testing of non-energized wire.

Tone & Probe Test and Trace Kit (Cat. No. VDV500-705)

  • –   Easy-to-use tone generator traces wire when used with the included probe
  • –   Responsive probe with durable, non-metallic, conductive tip
  • –   Alligator clips for unterminated wires
  • –   RJ45 to RJ45 test cable included
  • –   Toner and probe together perform pin to pin wire map test on RJ45 terminated cables
  • –   Work light on probe tip for use in dark spaces
  • –   Adjustable volume control dial
  • –   Headphone jack for noisy environments (headphones not included)
  • –   Replacement test cables available (Cat. No. VDV770-855)

“In creating this kit, we wanted to provide a simple-to-use device that was also multi-functional,” says Karen Alpan, product manager with Klein Tools. “This kit functions not only as a tone generator and wire tracing probe for non-active wire runs, but also performs pin-to-pin wire mapping testing.”

Go HERE for more information.

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