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July 9, 2020

Eureka announced the release of its Expo tube luminaire. Expo is a decorative lighting tube offering an impressive light output in a slender profile.

Expo is designed for flexible installation in a wall or ceiling surface mount, in any orientation, or in suspension. Its simple minimalist shape opens the door to a variety of standard applications, such as bathrooms, corridors or transitional spaces. As a single pendant, Expo can provide light above a desk or a table in a conference room.

Taking tube lighting beyond the basics, Expo empowers designers to be creative. Because it can be suspended at angles up to 45 degrees, lines of light can be crisscrossed or zigzagged through a ceiling space. Or multiple luminaires can be clustered to create a more elaborate lighting arrangement.

Available in three lengths (24″, 36″ and 48″) and two finishes (black and white) Expo offers a range of essential options with its simple form factor. Specifiers also have the choice of four different lighting outputs.

With its miniature Ø1⅜” profile, Expo impresses with exceptional efficacy up to 148 lm/W in some configurations and output up to 1263 lm/ft. Expo’s extruded PMMA diffuser is lit evenly over 235°, creating a Lambertian light distribution.

Expo is configured with careful attention to detail. Its aluminum endcaps feature a delicate concave curvature. And they are linked by a robust, yet subtle, extruded aluminum heatsink, giving strength and structure to the thin luminaire. For wall and ceiling-mounted applications, the super-slim mounting frame has no visible hardware and makes the fixture less than 2″ deep. Expo is, therefore, suitable for ADA compliant environments.

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