iBLAST Series Hand Dryer

iBLAST Series Hand Dryer

Aug 12, 2021


Washrooms and clean up areas, commercial facilities, factories, restaurants and hospitals.

Schools, pools and gyms.

Made for high traffic public areas.


Universal voltage: automatic voltage switching for an easier installation

Smallest footprint on the market

Fastest drying time on the market

Vandal proof-not scratchable with any sharp object

Automatic infrared actuated sensor, for power conservation and maximum hygiene

High velocity (100 CFM) airflow for ultra high speed hand drying

Robust, vandal proof, tamper-proof design and construction for greater product durability and longevity

Remotely adjustable output airflow temperature

Contributes to LEED and BOMA building certifications

Designed for easy installation

Communicate via GSM or Ethernet with the data center

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