Klein Tools Extra-Wide Adjustable Spud Wrenches

EIN Klein Tools Extra Wide Spud Wrenches

May 12, 2022

Klein Tools introduces updated Adjustable Spud Wrenches, now with 1/8’’ wider jaws to fit a larger range of nuts and bolts.

Updated Adjustable Spud Wrenches

  • Extra-wide adjustable jaws open up 1/8’’ wider
  • Continuous-taper handles for alignment of bolt and rivet holes
  • Handy lanyard hole for tethering compatible with Cat. Nos. TT1 and TT2 tethers
  • Two models available
    • Cat No. 3227 opens to 1-7/16’’ to fit heavy nuts and bolts up to 7/8’’
    • Cat. No 3239 opens to 1-5/8’’ to fit heavy nuts and bolts up to 1’’
  • Forged and made in the USA from select alloy steel
  • Eliminates the need for carrying several fixed-size wrenches
  • Precision-machined jaws are individually chosen and assembled by hand for smooth operation
  • Industrial finish resists corrosion
  • Knurl turns smoothly for easy operation

“When looking at our selection of tools, we are always trying to improve products to give professionals the most use out of each tool,” says Adriana Facchina, associate product manager at Klein Tools. “In updating these Adjustable Spud Wrenches, we increased the jaws 1/8’’ wider, meaning that they can fit a larger variety of heavy nuts and bolt sizes, thereby reducing the need to carry multiple fixed-size wrenches.”

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