Rapid Ring Self-Adjusting Pre-Fab Ring

EIN Pre Fab E 400

July 8, 2022

Eaton’s B-Line series basic Ruff-IN pre-fab assembly offering includes the Rapid Ring self-adjusting prefabricate plaster ring.  Its unique design can help you win tight bids and beat the profit squeeze with its innovative 4-step installation.

This revolutionary prefab system installs in as little as 15 seconds per unit, compressing your project schedule, cutting operational costs and reducing on-site waste.

Because the Rapid Ring is a self-adjusting pre-fab ring, you’ll never need to adjust a mud ring again. With a simple push of the Rapid Ring you’re flush every time.

  • Self-adjusting to various wall depths and types of tile
  • Easy off/quick release protective plate
  • Works with wall depths up to 2″
  • Completely tool-free trim-out phase
  • Manufactured in the USA with union-made assemblies
  • Fits most standard boxes and brackets
  • One-source supplier for full line of 1- to 4-gang product offering
  • Easy to route around raised surface on the protective plate
  • UL Listed for U.S. and Canada

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