New EVE Series Transformers for EV Charging Station Applications from Delta Transformers

October 22, 2022

Delta Transformers Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of their new EVE series transformers, dedicated for EV charging station applications. Our EVE transformers offer a complete solution of transformation products to meet any EV charging station technical requirements, installation challenges and environmental conditions.

With the growing demand for electric vehicles and EV charging stations, Delta’s EVE transformers offer voltage adjustments between the utility services and the EV charging station for both single phase and three phase systems. They also offer key features such as K factor, electrostatic shields, and harmonic mitigation, to meet all requirements of the EV charging station architectures and load profiles.

The EVE series transformers are available in ventilated enclosures and epoxy potted versions for harsh environments. Optional Type 4, stainless steel enclosures, and even Type 3R enhanced version with snow filter and thermal sensors are available. Other options include custom paint colors and tamper-proof hardware.

“We also provide complete customization of our EVE transformers including voltages (up to 27.6kV class), kVA sizes and a range of temperature rises. With a variety of EV charging stations available on the market, our product offering can provide a customized transformer for all your applications.  Our EVE series is manufactured in Canada with our EVI process (Epoxy vacuum impregnation) and world class ‘Delta Touch’ customer service and support.”

For more information, please visit the Delta website at, Mario Mongrain, National Sales Manager at, or your local Delta Transformers representative.

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