DIMENSION LED Indoor/Outdoor Tape Light Kits from Satco

August 3, 2023

SATCO’s Dimension Tape Light Kit line is designed to captivate and transform your space with four tiers of versatility, ranging from 16 to 64 feet. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your indoor ambiance, enhance your outdoor area, or infuse your environment with vibrant colors, GB Agencies Tape Light program is the perfect solution for you.

Ready-to-go Kits

Satco tape light kits are a convenient one-stop lighting solution. Each kit includes all the essential accessories, from plug in drivers to direct wire driver / junction boxes, ensuring a hassle-free setup process. Plus, with a remote control included, you’ll have everything you need to assemble and operate your lights effortlessly.

STARFISH Enabled Tape Lights

The Pro and Plus tier can be seamlessly integrated with the SATCO’S STARFISH app allowing you to choose from millions of colors or synchronize your lights to the rhythm of your favorite music.

Designed with Flexibility in Mind

A range of optional accessories are available and geared to help with some of the most customized applications. Choose from a selection of essential add-ons, including tape-to-tape connectors, 6″ jumper wires, 90-degree connectors, wire-to-tape connectors, and a variety of tape channels and diffusers.

DIMENSION Pro Indoor/Outdoor

Full control with the STARFISH app or IR remote | Plug-in or direct Wire


Product NumberDescription
64-13016′ Plug In
64-13132′ Plug In
64-13264′ Plug In
64-13316′ Direct Wired
64-13432′ Direct Wired
64-13564′ Direct Wired

DIMENSION Pro – Outdoor

Product NumberDescription
64-14016′ Plug In
64-14132′ Plug In
64-14264′ Plug In
64-14316′ Direct Wired
64-14432′ Direct Wired
64-14564′ Direct Wired


Compatible with the STARFISH app or IR remote | Plug-in or direct wire

Product NumberDescription
64-12016′ Plug In
64-12116′ Direct Wired

DIMENSION Performer Indoor

RGB and Tunable White options | Plug-in or direct

Product NumberDescription
64-11016′ Plug In
64-11116′ Direct Wired

DIMENSION Color Indoor

Vibrant RGB lighting with remote control | Plug-in only

Product NumberDescription
64-10016′ Plug In


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