Emerson Launches Major Expansion of Lineup of Appleton Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires

June 28, 2024

 Emerson today announced a major expansion of its lineup of Appleton™ Mercmaster™ LED Low Profile Luminaires certified for safe use in hazardous industrial locations. At the forefront of this upgrade is the addition of a 7500-lumen output option available in standard and emergency modes, with up to 1700 lumens for 90 minutes or 1000 lumens for 180 minutes as a field-changeable battery backup setting. All luminaires are now 0-10V DC dimming standard, and available with an optional cold temperature option as low as -50° C (-58 F). In addition, with an extended color temperature range including Yellow Amber, 1800K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, the product family meets the International Dark Sky requirements as well as stringent Chile Zoning Compliance per the Ministry of Environment (MMA) where a maximum content of visible blue spectrum of 1% is required.

With Appleton Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires, facility managers now have the power to customize lighting output to the exact requirements of the operation. Four light output settings covering a range of 3500 lumens to 7500 lumens — the equivalent of 70W to 250W HID — let managers precisely illuminate areas to promote employee safety and productivity. The luminaires supply energy savings of up to 80 percent, along with significantly reduced maintenance costs when compared to traditional lighting options. Ongoing LED savings go straight to a business’ bottom line, while potential government incentives and utility rebates help minimize upfront capital expense.


Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires can directly retrofit to legacy Appleton Mercmaster installations. By adding an available adapter, the luminaires can also retrofit Crouse Hinds™ and Killark™ existing installs. Users installing Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires in new builds can select pendant, ceiling, wall or stanchion mounts hoods, as well as from an array of field-replaceable globes and refractors (glass and polycarbonate), drivers, and an optional visor to help maintain light distribution type. Color glass globes can be ordered for applications that require specific areas to be highlighted.


Despite significant upgrades, Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires maintain their global certification for use in NEC Class I, Division 2 and ATEX/IECEx Zone 2, 21-22 hazardous locations. Users can trust Mercmaster LED Low Profile Luminaires to deliver exceptional performance in the most challenging industrial environments, backed by Appleton’s commitment to quality and safety. All luminaires are engineered for extensive heat dissipation and thermal management with high-temperature silicone gaskets optimizing ingress protection. 


Besides improving energy efficiency, the 0-10Vdc variable dimming input port allows multiple Mercmaster Low Profile luminaires to be wired to an Appleton Mercmaster Connect LED Control luminaire to create lighting group control.

Up to 10 Mercmaster LED Low Profile luminaires (or any other 0-10V DC Dimmable Appleton luminaire) can be daisy-chained over 60 meters (200 ft) on the same circuit, making it possible for the Mercmaster Connect to share its daylight harvesting, motion detection, and scheduling functionalities with the entire group. Also, with the addition of the WirelessHART network platform and the optional Emerson Plantweb Insight Connected Lighting App, facilities managers can build an Industrial IoT solution that will remotely optimize, monitor, and analyze the lighting performance of their facility.

With a mounted profile of only 6 inches (152mm) depending on configuration, Mercmaster Low Profile luminaires are an ideal solution for low clearance, low bay or task applications requiring heavy industrial or hazardous location rated luminaires.

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