Lumenwerx Petite Family

January 8, 2024

Meet the Petites. Through 1″ lens apertures, these true-to-size, meticulously engineered downlight, multi-aperture and cylinder luminaires discreetly breathe light into spaces with plentiful power, emitting up to 1100 lm. The fixtures are equipped with proprietary CircaFlex™ optic technology, which enables low glare, soft beam angles, precise distribution with no spill, and a uniform wall wash from wall to ceiling. Available options include a remote or integral driver and dim-to-warm or Tunable White color tuning.

Petite Downlights

Available in adjustable, fixed, and wall wash configurations, Petite downlights can precisely address the lighting requirements of any space, big or small. With a shallow 1 ¾” profile, the downlights are a breeze to set up. The adjustable model, in particular, enables easy, post-installation, tool-enabled tilting and rotation adjustments while the light is on, allowing users to observe their modifications in real time. A range of trims is available to ensure a seamless fit into any interior space. Meanwhile, optimal performance is achieved by the product line’s patented L-Vortex™ heat sink technology, which employs a low profile, spiral fin design to create a vortex of air that effectively prevents the LED from overheating.

Petite Cylinders

Elegantly detailed, true-to-size, and encased in minimalist housing, Petite cylinders maintain the 1″ aperture of their downlight counterparts. Available in 6″, 9″, 12″, 18″ and custom heights and with a host of various features and options, the cylinders complete the Petite point source family with additional opportunities to create unique, high-quality lighting solutions that enrich interior spaces and the lives of those who use them.

Learn more by consulting the Petite brochure


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