Southwire Announces New Line of Spring Steel Fasteners & Supports

November 11, 2022

Southwire is introducing Spring Steel Fasteners and Supports to its expanding portfolio of Components Solutions. Spring Steel is used by electrical contractors at the stud level of construction to hang, support, or mount wire, cable, conduit, rods, strut, steel boxes and more. Southwire’s initial line of over three hundred items encompasses five major subcategories in hanging and support including Cable/Conduit, Structural Attachments, Stud/Drywall, Datacom/Low Voltage and Acoustical/Ceiling.

Now shipping, Southwire™ Spring Steel Fasteners and Supports are made of heat-treated, coated steel that is lightweight, flexible, strong and easy to install, with multiple tool-free options. The Southwire™ GEOSEAL™ anti-corrosion coating is a high-performance, water-based, chrome-free, zinc and aluminum flake technology. 

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