WaveLinx LITE Node from Copper Lighting Solutions

July 2, 2024

The WaveLinx LITE Node (OEM-WLN) is a wireless to 0-10V control module designed to be integrated into the luminaire. The LITE Node offers two continuous 0-10V output channels that can be used to control dim-to-off 0-10V LED drivers with auxiliary power.

The device has a built-in 802.15.1 radio (Bluetooth) that is used to communicate with other WaveLinx LITE devices. The device converts the light level control commands sent wirelessly from the LITE devices into 0-10V signals.

The WaveLinx LITE Node is powered by the LED driver’s auxiliary power (12-24VDC).

Wireless Control in Any Fixture

WaveLinx LITE wireless communication – Allows luminaires equipped with dim to off 0-10V drivers with Aux and the WaveLinx LITE Node to join the WaveLinx LITE (Bluetooth) network and communicate with other WaveLinx LITE devices.

Power by LED driver’s Aux power – Easily powered by a dim-to-off capable 0-10V drivers with auxiliary output power (12-24VDC) .

Easy to integrate in a luminaire – Easily installed into a standard ½” knockout for luminaire level control.

Key Features

  • One (1) configurable output control for dim-to-off 0-10V dimming continuous dimmable LED drivers
  • Integrated 802.15.1 (Bluetooth) radio used to communicate with the WaveLinx LITE devices
  • Powered by 0-10V LED driver’s Aux power output
  • Supports standard ½” knockout for ease of installation within a luminaire
  • Over the air firmware upgrade via the WaveLinx LITE Mobile App
  • Plenum rated design

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