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TXLP/1October 17, 2017

This heating cable is deal for floor warming and radiant heating in concrete and wood floor constructions. They are also used in snow melting installations, frost protection of roof, gutters, drains, pipe tracing and soil heating applications, where each radiant heating system is custom designed


• Stranded resistance wire
• XLPE insulation
• Earthing conductor
• Metallic sheath (aluminum)
• PVC outer jacket
• Overall diameter approx. 6.5 mm (¼”)

Technical data:

• Maximum continuously operating temperature outer jacket: 65 °C (149 °F)
• Series resistance
• Minimum bending radius: 5 x cable diameter • Tolerance on conductor resistance: - 5 to + 10 %
• Highest system voltage: 600 V


Emergency Lighting PrinciplesBy Kevin Smee, Vice President Sales at AimLite

Most of us take light for granted. It has become so ubiquitous and cheap to use that we don’t really stop to think about emergencies. Thankfully most buildings are required by law since 1974 to be equipped with emergency lighting that automatically activates during power failures to facilitate our exit.

Emergency lighting is only one component of a building’s life safety systems, but perhaps one of the most important. 



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