Transportation ElectrificationA new action plan unveiled by the Quebec government anticipates 100,000 electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids registered in Quebec by 2020, a 150,000 tonne reduction of transportation-related GHG, and 66 million fewer litres of fuel consumed annually. The province also anticipates generating 5,000 jobs and investments of $500 million. “We want to create an environment conducive to the achievement of these ambitious objectives and conducive to propelling Quebec into the future by electricity," says Robert Poëti, Quebec’s Minister of Transport.

According to Jacques Daoust, Minister of the Economy, Innovation and Exports, ”Quebec has a strong industrial base and the natural resources required to put in place a veritable industry of electric transportation. In addition to being profitable in economic terms, the electrification of transportation represents an exceptional showcase to promote know-how, the capacity to innovate, and Quebec’s potential.”

The plan involves 35 initiatives. Among them:

• support for new fast charging stations along major roadways
• support for new charging stations in multiple-unit housing, new office buildings, and on-street parking zones
• A coordinated approach and major initiatives with partners to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles
• electric public transportation
• expansion of the Electric Circuit, is a network of public charging stations implemented by Hydro-Québec that will comprise 785 charging stations in service by December 31, 2016

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